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danville_il's Journal

i love/hate Danville, Illinois
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13-sided church, a perfect circle, ac/dc, aim, alcohol, alkaline trio, american eagle, art, bacon, band, bands, beer, big lots, biking, blink 182, books, bread, camping, canada, carle clinic, cars, cats, champaign, chart, chicago, coffee, coheed & cambria, computers, concerts, converse, cooking, copeland, county market, custard cup, dacc, dairy queen, dancing, dhs, digital art, donnie darko, downtown, drawing, driving, easy mac, emo, fall, family guy, fishing, flip flops, flogging molly, football, friends, friendship, gaming, gardening, golf, graphics, green day, guitar, guitars, harry potter, hip hop, house, hungry hollow, incubus, internet, john lennon, jones soda, keyboards, la potosina, lake vermilion, lakeview, laughing, led zeppelin, life, little hick towns, live shows, local shows, lord of the rings, makeup, maroon 5, mcdonalds, mooselodge, motion city soundtrack, motorcycles, movies, music, mxpx, myspace, napoleon dynamite, nine inch nails, ninja turtles, ninjas, ninjas vs pirates, painting, pancakes, panic!at the disco, phone, photography, photoshop, piano, piercings, pirates, politics, provena, psychology, punk, quiznos, rap, reel big fish, roadtrips, rock, royal donut, running, sandwiches, schlarman, scrubs, shopping, shows, six flags, sleeping, spiderman, sports, spring, stephen king, subway, summer, swimming, taco bell, taking back sunday, the all american rejects, the beatles, the edge, the oc, the ramones, the strokes, theatre, thrift stores, toast, tool, traveling, turtle run, vermilion, village mall, vodka, waffles, walmart, warped tour, weezer, wendy's